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FreedomWorks denied access to Pelosi press conference

Earlier today, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) held a press conference to announce the release of House Democrats' version of health care reform legislation.  At 1,990 pages, the new bill is by far the largest reform proposals to come out of Congress.  It is a whopping 612 pages longer than the 1,368 page Hillarycare bill released in the early 90s. 

FreedomWorks attended this morning's event.  Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi and Democratic leadership decided to only allow supporters of the proposal--mostly Hill staffers-- near the stage in front of the steps of the Capitol building.  Barricades were put in place to prevent the public from getting anywhere near the podium and the hundred plus protesters that joined us were forced by Capitol police to remain silent.  We were told that if we yelled out in an attempt to make our voices heard, we would be arrested.  We were also told that if we congregated in groups of 20 or more, we would be forced to disperse. 

This was clearly another attempt by Congressional Democrats to silence opposition and ignore the voice of the people who they are elected to represent.    

A detailed summary of the House bill can be read here.

Section by section analysis can be read here.

And a timeline of how the bill will be implemented can be seen here


pelosi protest.

Pelosi protest