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Press Release

FreedomWorks Disappointed in Passage of Colorado Ref C

On behalf of 8,000 Colorado FreedomWorks members, FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented today on passage of Colorado Referendum C:

“Obviously it is very disappointing that a small majority of special election voters in Colorado favored this $4 billion tax increase. Our side was outspent nearly four to one [or even 6 to 1 according to some estimates], and as a movement we did not spend enough money on grassroots organizing to counter the public employees union effort. We were also up against grossly misleading ballot language than began “WITHOUT RAISING TAXES…” which is utterly disconnected from the reality of Referendum C. Ref C’s passage means that Colorado taxpayers will now be forced to give another $4 billion to the state over the next five years. That’s a tax increase, and it is the reason why all of the special interests are celebrating today. It’s especially sad because this tax increase comes at a time when the state economy and revenues are rebounding strongly.”

“The FreedomWorks campaign was active and organized and reached almost half a million citizens, but it just wasn’t enough to offset the other side’s spending advantage, deliberately misleading ballot language, and left-wing scare tactics. The positive thing is that the FreedomWorks activist network in Colorado is stronger than ever, and we’ll be back fighting for responsible spending and tax relief next year and beyond. We’re proud of the effort our staff and activists made during this tough campaign. You can be sure, FreedomWorks will continue our efforts in Colorado and across the country to educate voters, policymakers, and the media on the benefits of TABOR and tax and spending restraint.”