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Press Release

    FreedomWorks to Host Tea Party Debt Commission Field Hearing in Cincinnati


    WHAT: FreedomWorks will host the next Tea Party Debt Commission field hearing in Cincinnati, Ohio. Local activists are expected to attend, and encouraged to bring their own proposals for specific cuts to the federal budget.

    The Tea Party Debt Commission consists of twelve members, paralleling the structure of the new “super-committee” created by Congress as part of the recent debt ceiling compromise. Committee members are volunteer tea party activists from a variety of states across the country, including CO, CT, IN, NH, NV, NY, OH, PA, UT, and VA.

    The committee’s goal is to create a budget plan that balances the federal budget within 10 years; reduces federal spending to 18 percent of GDP; reduces the national debt to no more than 66 percent of GDP; reduces federal spending by at least $9 trillion over 10 years (including $300 billion in the first year); and does not raise taxes.

    WHEN: Thursday, October 6, 2011, from 7-9pm ET.

    WHERE: Connections Church, 7421 E. Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45243

    WHY: FreedomWorks believes that President Obama’s “super-committee” will inevitably fall prey to special interest groups, shutting American taxpayers out of the discussion on how to reduce spending and balance the budget. The Tea Party Debt Commission was created to give the American people a platform to be heard, and to propose specific cuts to the federal budget.

    The Tea Party Debt Commission began its grassroots outreach with an online poll allowing voters to prioritize spending cuts. Each vote cuts a program, and projects the one-year and 10-year savings that cut would generate.

    The first official field hearing took place on September 1st in Salt Lake City, UT, with over 250 local activists in attendance. Other hearings have been held in Philadelphia, PA, and Orlando, FL. The committee plans to continue holding field hearings in key cities across the country, including Louisville KY; Columbia, SC; and Indianapolis, IN.

    FreedomWorks recruits, educates, trains and mobilizes volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom. Founded in 1984, FreedomWorks has over 1.4 million grassroots volunteers nationwide. For more information on the Tea Party Debt Commission, please visit