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Press Release

FreedomWorks Initiates Campaign to "Protect Your Property"

Today, FreedomWorks announced a campaign to "Protect your Property" in response to the egregious Kelo v. City of New London Supreme Court decision, which set a dangerous precedent for property rights.

In a legal battle between the city government and private homeowners, the Court ruled 5 to 4 that New London may confiscate the defendants' homes and give them to a private developer. The Kelo decision effectively nullified the "public use" restriction in the Fifth Amendment and gives the government virtually unlimited eminent domain power. As a result of this ruling, lawmakers can seize and transfer homes to other private owners simply because the government believes that the new owner can generate more tax revenue, jobs, or just make the property look better.

The conservative movement is mobilizing against this misguided disregard for property rights. In an effort to bring the reality of this terrible decision directly to the liberal Justices, activist Logan Darrow Clements started the application process to build a hotel on Supreme Court Justice David Souter's land in Weare, New Hampshire. Because Justice Souter ruled against private property in Kelo, his home will make an ideal place for the "Lost Liberty Hotel," which will include the "Just Desserts Café" and a museum on the loss of freedom in America.

In order to seize the property from Justice Souter, 3 of the 5 local officials on the Board of Selectmen must vote to use the new powers of imminent domain now available to them under Kelo. FreedomWorks is launching a grassroots campaign to encourage these officials to approve this project to give Justice Souter a keener appreciation of the importance of private property rights.

FreedomWorks President and CEO, Matt Kibbe, commented:

"Using Justice Souter's interpretation of eminent domain to seize his New Hampshire home and build a hotel will highlight the harmful precedent from Kelo v. New London."

"Elevating the egregious nature of the new eminent domain interpretation will mobilize FreedomWorks activists and fellow economic conservatives to demand our elected officials do something about it. What better time than during a Supreme Court nomination?"

"On behalf of over 700,000 FreedomWorks members I urge the President to appoint a Justice that upholds a strict interpretation of the 5th Amendment: that eminent domain is not intended for the economic enhancement of private developers. The Kelo decision must be reversed and traditional American property rights restored."