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Press Release

FreedomWorks Intern Joins Protest at Michael Moore’s Movie Premiere



p> WASHINGTON, D.C. The fight for freedom continues with yet another protest this week. Yesterday, June 20th, I got all dolled up in my uniform and met with my other "nursing school" friends and made my way to the D.C. premiere of Michael Moore's SiCKO.

I ran into some friends from The Young Conservatives of Texas: Tony McDonald and Laura Elizabeth Morales. We joined forces to chant "Socialism Kills", "Freedom Yes, Socialism No" and my favorite "Socialized Healthcare, Your Worst Nightmare!!"


p> FreedomWorks Intern Join Protest at Michael Moore’s Movie Premier

Overall, I'd say we dominated the premiere creating a huge scene and getting lots of media coverage.

I was interviewed by the Politico and the reporter asked me what group I was with. I told her I was with FreedomWorks. Much to my surprise, she giggled and said "Do you guys ever sleep?" I guess she was referring to all the ruckus we have been creating with Tuesday's Union/EFCA Protest and the Al Gore “Assault on Reason” protest a few weeks back. I responded with something along the lines of "No, we don’t sleep. It is a continuous fight for freedom in this country. And someone's gotta do it. Too bad the Panda couldn't make it."

We camped out right next to the red carpet and I was surprised at how many people actually thanked us for what we were doing. Many 'real' nurses were offended by our costumes and asked us why we would dress like that. I basically told them we were here to protest and to get some attention for our health care campaign, and I thought it was working.

This is one of my favorites:


p> FreedomWorks Intern Join Protest at Michael Moore’s Movie Premier

Who would have thought Fidel Castro would be there for the premiere!?!


FreedomWorks Intern Join Protest at Michael Moore’s Movie Premier