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Press Release

FreedomWorks Issues Key Vote “NO” Against the Boehner Debt Hike

Washington, DC- Following news that House Speaker John Boehner is rallying Republicans around a debt ceiling increase with no spending reforms, FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe released the following statement:

“Governing with Democratic votes to raise the debt limit with no reforms attached is an all-time low for Speaker Boehner. Based on reports, the Boehner debt hike spends money we don’t have to increase entitlement spending and grow the debt. In other words, with the money they spend today, they'll come back and borrow to pay for tomorrow.”

“We can balance the budget in four years simply by keeping spending levels where they are. Think about it- what could we possibly need to buy next year that we didn't need this year? FreedomWorks issued a Key Vote ‘NO’ against the Boehner debt hike, and is demanding that Congress stop spending money we don’t have. Congress should never increase the debt ceiling without a plan to offset cuts elsewhere.”

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