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Press Release

FreedomWorks Key Votes in Support of Coburn Anti-Pork Amendments

On April 27, 2006, FreedomWorks sent the following letter to the U.S. Senate.

Dear Senator:

On behalf of more than 800,000 FreedomWorks members nationwide, I urge you to VOTE YES on the 19 amendments being introduced by Sen. Coburn (R-OK) to cut pork projects for the emergency supplemental bill before the Senate and VOTE NO on any motion to kill the Coburn Amendments. The American taxpayers would be saved $2,680,850,000 were the Senate to cut the unnecessary projects targeted by these amendments.

The Senate should remove all of the $14,000,000,000.00 of spending that have been added to the President’s supplemental spending request, and the votes on these amendments offer the first step in that direction.

The American people have had enough of the unnecessary and wastefully spending of their tax dollars. As spending has gone up, Congressional approval ratings have gone down. That’s no coincidence. The American people elected a Republican majority that campaigned largely on limiting government, but they have received the opposite.

According to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released today, Americans believe ending earmarks is the #1 priority for Congress to address before the end of this session. Today, you have the chance to meet this request.

Who will the voters see as the fiscal conservatives come the November elections? It hasn’t gone unnoticed that last night Senator Harry Reid, Senate Democratic Leader voted against the $700 million for the Railroad to Nowhere while Senator Bill Frist, Senate Republican Leader voted in favor of $700 million for the Railroad to Nowhere.

FreedomWorks will count your votes on the Coburn “clay pigeon” amendments when calculating the FreedomWorks Economic Scorecard. The FreedomWorks Economic Scorecard is used to determine eligibility for the Jefferson Award, which recognizes Senators with voting records that support economic freedom.


Matt Kibbe
President and CEO