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Press Release

FreedomWorks Launches “”

Washington, DC --  FreedomWorks announced today that it has launched a new, online grassroots petition,, to build broad support for removing Rogers from his position as Chief Operating Officer at Duke Energy. 

Jim Rogers flirtations with the Obama Administration and a radical Leftist agenda that among other things has included cap and trade policy, has put his shareholders and more broadly, his customers (energy ratepayers) at significant risk.  Most recently, Rogers guaranteed the 2012 Democratic National Convention a $10 million “line of credit” courtesy of Duke Energy to ensure the success of the event scheduled to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This scandalous, politically-motivated misuse of company money has helped to ignite a grassroots fire calling for his ouster.

FreedomWorks will be promoting the new petition site to its membership, more than a million strong in all 50 states, as well as the broader conservative online community through grassroots communications, social networking outreach, and online advertising.  To further complement the petition effort, FreedomWorks will be actively engaging shareholders of Duke Energy to support a resolution that would remove Rogers from his post. 

FreedomWorks North Carolina chapter is also planning a large protest of Rogers at the company’s upcoming board meeting in Charlotte in May.  Additional grassroots protests and a battery of television ads and online videos will be unveiled in the weeks and months to come as well.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented, “Jim Rogers may like cozying up to Barack Obama to suit his own political appetites, but in his role as head of Duke Energy it is completely inappropriate and unacceptable.  Policies that he is embracing like cap and trade and other elements of the democrats’ war on reliable American energy threaten Duke Energy shareholders and ratepayers alike.”