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Press Release

FreedomWorks Leads Rally at Idaho State Capitol


IDAHO. On August 25th, FreedomWorks activists rallied on the steps of the Idaho Capitol during the special session of the legislature. Shown here (photo 2) talking with Rep. Pete Neilson (R-22)  

Activists were interviewed by the following media: Boise TV - Channel 2
Idaho Falls TV - Channel 7
The Idaho Statesman (Boise)
The Idaho Press Tribune (Nampa/Calwell) - photos only The Post Registar (Idaho Falls)  

Over twenty state legislators stopped and talked to the activists and thanked them for coming. The most common remarks were: "It's good to see conservatives here for a change" and "You people are really informed on the issue, it's great to talk to you."    

Activists quoted in the Idaho Statesman