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Press Release

    FreedomWorks Lobbies for Florida Tort Reform


    On April 26th & 26th Florida State Director John Hallman led a group of activists to the state capital in Tallahassee to lobby for Tort Reform legislation. Several tort bills are being debated in the House and Senate in the last two weeks of the legislative session.

    HB 1019 and SB 2562 address the problem with Asbestos lawsuits by establishing strict medical criteria, making sure real victims receive prompt and just compensation. HB 1513 would eliminate Joint and Several Liability and assign damages based on proportionality of fault instead of ability to pay.

    HB 1925 and SB 2564 address the out-of-control class action lawsuits, by providing residency restrictions that would keep Florida taxpayers from footing the bill for cases where the class of people have no connection to Florida. Florida FreedomWorks activists visited Florida state Senators and urged them to support all of these bills. Florida Director John Hallman commented "all the good Tort Reform Bills are moving through the House and are expected to easily pass, but right now the trouble is in the Senate". Time is running out to get these bills passed through the Senate and we need for everybody to contact their state Senator and urge them to support all of the bills mentioned in this article.