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Press Release

FreedomWorks Massachusetts Chapter Launches GOTV Effort Targeting Special Election for Senate

Matthew Clemente

FreedomWorks Massachusetts State Director

(508) 284-4200


Worcester, MA – The Massachusetts chapter of FreedomWorks is engaging an all-out grassroots Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort targeting the state’s special election for U.S. Senate.

The two candidates competing for the seat, Martha Coakley (D) and Scott Brown (R), have diametrically opposed viewpoints on the government-run health care reform bill now moving in Congress.  Because of the tenuous support that the legislation maintains, the winner of this race could end up deciding its ultimate fate.  Coakley has said on the record that she would be “proud to cast the 60th vote” to pass the proposed government takeover of America’s health care system while Brown has said publicly that he is “opposed to the health care legislation” and would “vote against it.”

FreedomWorks is equipping its grassroots base in the state of over 9,200 volunteer activists with GOTV flyers that highlight this critical difference and neighborhood door-to-door distribution in targeted communities in the Worcester and Boston areas is ongoing until next week’s special election on January 19th

In addition, FreedomWorks volunteers in Massachusetts are planning to form GOTV phone banks over the weekend and are networking with various conservative activist organizations including several local “tea party” groups to further spread the word about which candidate running for Senate in Massachusetts wants to socialize health care and which one wants to keep it free.

 FreedomWorks Massachusetts State Director Matthew Clemente commented, “Massachusetts is often considered an automatic check-box for the Democrats, but in this special election for Senate we have a very close race.  The people deserve to know what’s at stake since the winner could ultimately decide whether or not American health care is changed forever by opening the door to government control.”

To download a copy of FreedomWorks Massachusetts Senate GOTV flyer, CLICK HERE (