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Press Release

FreedomWorks Members Protest Bailouts and Wasteful Spending in Connecticut

Stamford, CT - FreedomWorks members will join other Connecticut taxpayers to gather on Saturday at 10am to send a message to leaders of both parties that taxpayers are angry with the bailouts, debt, pork projects, and wasteful spending rampant in Washington and Connecticut. Part of the national movement of “tea parties,” protesters are gathering in the spirit of the Sons of Liberty in Boston, who in 1773 protested the British government by dumping tons of tea into the harbor.

Details of the event in Stamford:
WHAT:  Stamford Tea Party Protest
WHO:  FreedomWorks members and taxpayers
WHERE:  96 Broad Street (Starbucks/Library location), the corner of Broad and Bedford.
WHEN:  March 28th, from 10:00 to noon.

The Stamford Tea Party will build on the success of previous events in February that drew hundreds of activists from across the state.  The next wave of tea parties is scheduled for tax day, April 15, with tea parties scheduled in New Haven, Norwich, and Hartford. 

The tea parties will also draw attention to the role of Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd in the bailout and AIG bonus scandal. After initially denying to CNN that he had anything to do with a last minute provision that would exempt AIG from strict compensation limits and preserve $165 million in bonuses for executives at AIG, Senator Chris Dodd has admitted he was actually the provision's author. 

After receiving $280,000, Senator Dodd is the top all-time beneficiary of AIG campaign contributions.   Senator Dodd is facing a Senate ethics committee investigation into his VIP insider home mortgage from disgraced countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo.  Senator Dodd is also being asked to explain why he failed to rein in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as head of the Senate Banking Committee.

FreedomWorks member and an organizer of the Stamford Tea Party Mike Taylor commented:

“The behavior of the politicians in Washington has spurred taxpayers around the nation to action. Americans are rightfully angry with the current activity and will not sit silently while being robbed. Local residents are joining their voices with thousands of others across the nation and our voice will be heard. The movement is just beginning.”

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