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Press Release

    FreedomWorks PAC Endorses Doug Lamborn in CO-05

    Originally Published in FreedomWorks PAC on 4/23/14.

    Washington, DC- FreedomWorks PAC announced its endorsement of Doug Lamborn for U.S. Congress in Colorado’s fifth district. FreedomWorks PAC believes Doug Lamborn is the clear choice for Coloradans looking to preserve individual freedom and rein in Washington’s out-of-control spending.

    A true conservative, Lamborn holds a 94 percent lifetime score on the FreedomWorks Scorecard of Economic Freedom. Lamborn has never voted for a bailout or a tax increase, and was rated “Most Conservative Representative” by National Journal Magazine. He has been relentless in his opposition to ObamaCare, with repeated votes to repeal, defund, and delay the government takeover of the health insurance market.

    FreedomWorks PAC President Matt Kibbe commented, “Doug Lamborn is a principled leader with a proven record of supporting individual freedoms and opposing big government spending. Compromising on principle is not the solution to our country’s fiscal crisis. We can trust Doug Lamborn to continue rejecting special interests and to double down on his work towards tax relief for future generations.”

    FreedomWorks PAC empowers activists by endorsing free-market candidates and providing the background research and analysis to help elect a new generation of principled, freedom-minded politicians to office. For more information about the PAC, please visit or on Twitter @FreedomWorksPAC.