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    FreedomWorks PAC GOTV Making Headlines

    Washington Post

    Yesterday The Washington Post reported on the FreedomWorks' Phone Banking and GOTV efforts, highlighting Oregon activist Rosie Gagnon and FreedomWorks PAC National Director Russ Walker. 

    The fact that thousands are willing to participate shows an evolution among a part of the tea party movement into a more traditional kind of political force, not just a rebel cause able to turn out a crowd for a rally, writes The Washington Post.

    They listened in as Gagnon made her case to voters:

    "Hello, my name is Rosie, and I'm a volunteer with FreedomWorks PAC, a grass-roots organization advocating for limited government," began Gagnon, reading from a script. "I'm calling to ask for your vote for Senate candidate Sharron Angle in the general election on Tuesday, November 2nd."

    The Post also writes about the easy use of the FreedomWorks system. 

    The Internet-based software the tea party groups provide makes calling easy: Register as a volunteer, log in, and the program calls your phone number to connect you. Click again and your phone calls a voter's home. Read the script on the screen, click again and the call is disconnected. Click again and the next call is underway.

    The Washington Post on FreedomWorks PAC National Director Russ Walker:

    Walker began the call by asking everyone how FreedomWorks can help them. Sounding a little like an auctioneer, he promised 1,500 Huffman yard signs here and 2,000 door hangers there.

    "Randi and Heather and then Jack: How many more do you need for southern Oregon?"

    "I could go for another 2,000," responded one.

    "Okay, and Jodi?" Walker asked. "How many did we say we were going to send you?"

    Only then did Walker move on to what he was really after: asking coordinators to sign up as many volunteers as possible to make calls to other states.

    FreedomWorks PAC members can make calls here.

    To read the full story visit The Washington Post here