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Press Release

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe Issues Scathing State of the Union Pre-Buttal

Washington, DC- In a video to FreedomWorks’ community of over 6 million activists nationwide, FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe issued the following pre-buttal statement to President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union Address:

“The President of the United States says that he’s going to talk about inequality in the State of the Union Address. And frankly, he should. Job inequality, income inequality- the differences between the insiders and the political class, the connected businesses, the rent-seeking lobbyists against the American people- they have created a divide.”

“Under the Obama Administration’s policies, things have gotten worse, not better. Consider ObamaCare. ObamaCare forces young people to buy something that they don’t want and they don’t need, as a deal to insurance companies to fatten their bottom line. Young people are currently expected to spend 81 percent more for health care. Why? To bail out big insurance companies.”

“The Congressional Budget Office now says that the bailout in the first ten years of ObamaCare for insurance companies is going to cost an extra trillion dollars. That’s a trillion dollars of additional debt on top of 17 trillion. Joblessness is still the biggest problem, 10.4 million people without jobs. Many more are just not looking anymore. Young people are hit hardest by joblessness. Thirty-six percent of them are still living at home.”

“This is a perfect storm against the American people, against the opportunities that we all believed that young people –our next generation, our grandchildren- would have. It’s not true under the Obama Administration’s policies. If he’s worried about inequality, let’s talk about $17 trillion in debt. Let’s talk about a government takeover of health care that redistributes income from younger, less wealthy people to older, more wealthy people and insurance companies. That’s just not fair. That’s not right.”

“The bottom line is- as Washington grows, American’s power, and income, and freedom shrinks. Today it’s not about the rich versus the poor. It’s not even about Republicans versus Democrats. It’s about the insiders in this Administration taking more power and money from working Americans. I hope President Obama talks about that.”

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