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Press Release

FreedomWorks Stands with Governor Walker to Stop Unions from Bankrupting Wisconsin

WASHINGTON, DC- FreedomWorks is engaging its network of grassroots activists to support the Wisconsin “Budget Repair Bill,” Governor Scott Walker’s latest effort to stand up against Wisconsin's corrupt public sector unions. The bill would effectively eliminate collective bargaining for state employee unions, as well as require government workers to make contributions to their pensions and health-care premiums. It's projected to save $300 million over the next two years, helping alleviate a $3.6 billion state budget deficit.

“The taxpayers of Wisconsin can no longer afford to give public sector unions a free ride,” commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. “For too long, the Wisconsin government has allowed compensation for state employees to grow out of control, far outpacing the private sector. The state can no longer afford to insulate public servants from economic reality.”

As the debate picks up steam, FreedomWorks will be mobilizing its members, along with conservative, limited-government activists in Wisconsin on FreedomConnector- a revolutionary, new online mobilization tool designed to quickly apply concerted pressure on elected officials- to call and email targeted Wisconsin legislators in support of the governor’s proposal.  

Activists are also encouraged to attend the “I Stand with Scott Walker Rally” scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 19th, from 12:00-3:00pm on the South Steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol.

The battle to end collective bargaining in Wisconsin is one of many movements emerging nationwide to end union corruption and greed. FreedomWorks also plans to support similar movements in other states, including Ohio, Tennessee, New Jersey and Indiana.

“At a time when people in Wisconsin are struggling to find a job and the state's economy is in a period of recovery, free-market reform is needed to ensure businesses have the freedom and flexibility to give hard working people the jobs they deserve,” added Kibbe. “The governor's Budget Repair Bill to end collective bargaining for state employees is a meaningful first step towards this kind of reform.”