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FreedomWorks Stands with Senator Inhofe Against the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency, a favorite tool of Obama’s job crushing agenda, continuously promulgates unilateral rules and regulations that ultimately threaten entire industries in the United States and push consumer prices constantly higher. Most notably, the EPA’s recent regulatory onslaught is targeting energy by way of new restrictions on fossil fuels, which will increase prices, reduce the reliability of the nation’s electricity grid, and destroy jobs. One especially dangerous EPA regulation is the Utility Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT) rule, which has the potential to cripple the American coal industry and deal a critical blow to the fragile American economy by way of skyrocketing energy costs.

However, yesterday in Washington, freedom struck first. Senator James Inhofe (R) of Oklahoma, Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, introduced Senate Joint Resolution 37.  This resolution of disapproval filed under the Congressional Review Act that, passed with a simple majority vote in the Senate, would stop the utility MACT before it does any harm and would challenge the EPA’s assault on the economy and jobs.

The Utility MACT would tie the hands of energy providers and force them into investments in excess of $350 billion industry wide just to reach 90 percent compliance with the rule.¹ These costs will drive energy costs higher for many Americans, but will have an especially harsh impact on the Midwest and lower income households. Households making less than $50,000 a year already pay roughly 21 percent of their after-tax incomes on energy costs and the Utility MACT could elevate costs by at least $10 billion annually by 2016.² The massive costs of compliance could also force almost 15 gigawatts off of the electricity grid, laying off thousands directly, millions indirectly and threatening the reliability of electricity.³

The EPA must be prevented from passing outlandish rules that threaten countless jobs across many industries while providing few environmental benefits.  The EPA has many rules similar in nature ready to follow the Utility MACT, which is why the precedent must be set at zero tolerance for dangerous rules issued by the Obama EPA.

Call your Senator and demand that they stand with Senator Inhofe in support of Senate Joint Resolution 37 and stop the EPA’s assault on American jobs and affordable, reliable American energy.

Read Senator Inhofe’s press release HERE.

¹EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck: Strategies for State Legislators, American Legislative Exchange Council
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³EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck: Strategies for State Legislators, American Legislative Exchange Council & Press Release on Senate Joint Resolution 37 Inhofe Introduces Measure to Stop One of Obama-EPA's Most Expensive Rules

cmorplante's picture
Christopher Plante

Its about time Congress issues a cease and desist order to all these run-away regulatory agencies and departments. The House holds their purse-strings so why are they not promising a withholding of funds to reign in these insane bureaucrats. I'd really rather give them all paid accounts to internet smut sites and a supply of blank DVDs. It would save us boatload of money and get them out of our hair.

I am, in a way, not going to be too awfully upset if Romney ends up as our nominee. He has the most experience at firing people and that is a skill we desperately need in Washington. Maybe he could get Trump (You're Fired!!) to be his VP.

We need to borrow from the rising popularity of pink and make 2013 the Year of the Pink Slip.


Mark Levin is a Republican establishment tool. Ron Paul is the only one that will restore America and our freedoms. ......... Charles of Waveland,MS.

Dave Combs

I am afraid that if we don't exercise our resposibilities as self governing citizens once again and take the initiative to return the federal government to its Constitutionally designed parameters, the federal government will be used against us until we are enslaved.

I posted an idea by The Great One, Mark Levin, here that would deal with a great deal of the problem(s) addressed in the above article. It had to do with passing an Act of Congress that would sunset every independent federal agency on a certain date every year save for a majority vote of Congress to retain any given agency. I called it, "The Independent Federal Agency Sunset Act."

A truly conservative President aware of the danger of our burgeoning government and a TEA Party majority Congress could literally wipe out a great deal of the federal government, its expense and its strangle hold on the economic liberties of Americans, over night.

Block grants to the states would likely have to be institutued until free market institutions again take hold and legacy programs for those - like me - on Medicare and Social Security die off as well.

Isn't it Costa Rica that has a national retirement system that is far superior to ours that rose out of a similar socialistic situation? People, the wheel does not have to be reinvented just copied and implemented.

The day the Congress has the courage of its People is when we replace the current institution with ourselves.

For those unfamiliar with the threat, Europe has been establishing independent agencies that pass laws and regulations ungoverned by elected bodies for decades. It's been going on here for far too long also, since the days of Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and FDR. Consider too that there are not only Progressive Liberals but Progressive Conservatives as well. Both work toward a similar goal, top down governing. That must be reversed or we're goners.

I yield back the balance of my time ...