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FreedomWorks to Take School Choice Fight to Capitol in South Carolina

The South Carolina Senate is playing politics with the future of thousands of South Carolina students.  The House passed historic school choice bill H.4894 last month, but the Senate is holding the bill hostage, with some members trying to delay a vote until the end of the session in June.
The numbers don’t lie. Despite spending more than $12,000 per student per year, South Carolina ranks an unacceptable 50th in national education statistics. FreedomWorks and our allies are fighting to reverse this trend by putting parents and students back in control of education through the passage of H. 4894.
Join these activists on Tuesday, April 24th at the Capitol and demand that that they do the right thing and Vote Yes on H.4894.  Activists will be meeting at the Capitol at 2:00PM for a pre-lobby press conference, sending a message that, “School choice is the right choice.”  Immediately following the press conference groups will be descending on the Senate, meeting with members of the Senate Finance Committee, the likely next stop for H.4894.  It is important we make our voices heard.
If you are interested in attending and would like more information please contact Joe Dugan of the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition at
If you are unable to attend but would like to help pass H.4894 please take a moment to call these Senators and ask them to vote Yes on H.4894.
Sen. Wes Hayes: (803) 212-6410
Sen. Larry Martin: (803) 212-6340
Sen. Luke Rankin:  (803) 212-6132
Sen. Billy O'Dell: (803) 212-6040
Sen. Jake Knotts:  (803) 212-6350
Sen. Nikki Setzler: (803) 796-7573
If you are interested in helping pass H.4894 and would like to join with the 20,000 plus FreedomWorks activists, and other local groups who are working day after day for school choice please contact FreedomWorks Southeast Regional Director, Allen Page at or by phone at 336-213-1167.