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FreedomWorks Weekend at the We the People Convention in Ohio

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the second annual “We the People” Convention in Columbus, OH.  This event is hosted by the Ohio Liberty Council, a broad coalition of tea party groups throughout the state, who work together to advance limited government and spread tea party ideas within the state.  According to the organizers of the event, the “We the People” Convention is an opportunity to find out about the pressing issues facing the country and find other likeminded people who want to fight together to take this country back.  This year’s event certainly lived up to this billing.

With over 700 freedom-loving activists in attendance, the event was filled with people that are fired up and ready to beat Obama in 2012.  FreedomWorks was a primary sponsor of the event and our staff was featured on some great panels including but not limited to:  health care, energy, school choice, campaigns 101, and much more. 

With all the energy following the ObamaCare decision early Thursday morning, it was easy to see that the decision has made activists from across the state more focused than ever.  With all the excitement, it was extremely clear that so many people understand the need for the Buckeye state to be united; a theme that carried across the conference with many people meeting others from their community for the first time.  At the FreedomWorks booth, stories abound of new activists finding new friends who they didn’t know before or may have only met online previous to this event.

The success of this event will surely fire up the grassroots as we head into November.  Coming off the heels of this conference, activists from all over the state will go back to their home town and begin the work needed to beat Obama and help Take America Back.  It was great to be a part of something like this and going forward I am more fired up than ever.


Please take a second to watch this awesome video or our time at the We the People convention.