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Press Release

Governors Reject Health Care Exchanges, White House Changes the Rules Again

WASHINGTON, DC- Following news that the White House extended the February 15th deadline for states to adopt health care exchanges for a second time, this time indefinitely, FreedomWorks’ Vice President of Health Care Policy Dean Clancy commented:

“The decision to postpone the Governors’ exchange deadlines is a silent defeat for the White House. We knew we were winning the fight against government-run health care when 27 states -more than half- refused to adopt a federal exchange. Today’s annoucement only confirms that Health and Human Services will not be able to meet the February 15th deadline. The wheels are coming off the bus, and the Administration is getting desperate. FreedomWorks is emboldened by this silent admission of defeat, and we plan to redouble our efforts to block the ObamaCare exchanges and to pressure Congress to reconsider this misguided, unconstitutional law.”

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