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Press Release

    Help Stop the "Moving Minnesota Backward" Tax Hike Agenda


    If the agenda moving through the legislature and the proposals featured in the media don’t convince you of the need for action, then I don’t know what will.

    The massive tax, regulatory, and spending increases being proposed by the liberals in the state House and Senate will set Minnesota back a generation and endanger the future our children and grandchildren will face in this state.

    We must act now to take on these bad ideas before it’s too late.  The damaging consequences of these big government policies must be brought before the public.  Likewise, the promises of bipartisanship and moderation that have now gone by the wayside.

    In addition to their income tax increase on “the rich,” which hits people making as little as $70,000, DFL liberals are proposing new taxes all over the place, including:

    • A metro-wide sales tax to fund new transit boondoggles
    • gas tax
    • sales tax
    • liquor tax
    • license tab fees
    • lead paint
    • gravel
    • deeds
    • cosmetic surgery                    

    Liberal organizations are pushing hard for this big government agenda.  All the usual suspects are lined up to push for high taxes, more regulation on small business, and a host of new spending programs.

    We need your help to stop it.  The New Majority Project at Freedom Works is preparing to launch a very significant media and grass roots campaign to stop this agenda from becoming law, so we protect good jobs and family budgets here in Minnesota.

    We need your help us stop this “Moving Minnesota Backward” agenda.  It’s bad for our families.  It’s bad for our economy.  It’s bad for our state.   

    Please donate today to the New Majority Project at Freedom Works so we can keep government under control.