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House Republican Conference Swears Off Earmarks


From the amazing but true file comes news that the House Republican Conference has announced that all members will not request earmarks.  Republican leader Boehner tweeted shortly after the vote:

The House Republican Conference has adopted an immediate, unilateral moratorium on all earmarks.

This great news comes a day after the House Democrats made a half-hearted attempt to rein in earmarks.

It was good news to hear that House Democrats had adopted a ban on earmarks to for-profit companies. The bad news is their version of a ban wouldn’t apply to 90 percent of all earmarks.

Instead of adopting an all-out ban on earmarks House Democrats have decided to ban earmarks for for-profit entities, while continuing to green light funding for the next Bridge to Nowhere, ACORN or to clear the way for the Napa Valley Wine train.

Sen. Jim Demint, who wrote the article quoted above, is forcing an earmark moratorium vote in the Senate this morning.  Let's hope the Senate follows the courageous example of the House GOP and swear off the pork.  These are all important steps to help increase government accountability and stop spending, waste, and special treatment.