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    How The Health Care Overhaul Will Affect You


    The Washington Post has a new tool that enables anyone to find out what the health-care overhaul will mean for their health insurance and taxes.

    For example, a single person without health insurance, living alone and making $30,000 a year will be required by law to have health insurance. According to the Washington's Post if they choose not to buy health insurance, they will

    pay a tax penalty of $695 per year up to a maximum of three times that amount ($2,085) per family or 2.5 percent of household income.

    Use the tool linked above to find out the changes to your health insurance and taxes depending on your individual circumstance. Will the health-care overhaul force you to buy health insurance against your will? Will your medicare payroll taxes increase? Will you be forced to pay a high tax on investment income?

    Unhappy with the results? If your congressman voted for Obamacare, please continue to let him know that you disapprove of his vote for this unconstitutional and costly health care bill.

    Click here to find out how your representative voted. 

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