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Press Release

    Hundreds of Activists Join FreedomWorks, Glenn Beck, Senator Mike Lee, Tea Party Patriots for a “Fix Up DC” Day of Service


    Washington, DC- Hundreds of activists gathered at the West Lawn of the Capitol to hear from FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks Outreach Director Deneen Borelli, Glenn Beck, Senator Mike Lee, and Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin for the “Fix Up DC” Day of Service. Activists headed down the National Mall with garbage bags, gloves and rakes in hand to clean up the monuments that the President shut down.

    Fix Up DC 01

    FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe remarked, “Maybe too many people in Washington, D.C. forget that power comes from communities, power comes from people working together voluntarily to solve problems. We want to dictate. We want to work together. I was here in 1995 the last time the government shut down. We didn’t wall off the memorials. We didn’t attack the innocent people who were trying to take their vacations. Something has changed.”

    Fix Up DC Matt Kibbe

    Community service is an essential pillar of small government. While the Democrats shut down the government and closed down the monuments to cause unnecessary hardship, conservative activists did their part to help pick up the slack.

    Kibbe added, “We’re here today not to protest, we are here to come together as a community. To serve this space, to serve our fellow man, and to get things done. We don’t need to pass a CR to clean the Mall. We don’t have to form a committee to figure out how to do this. We didn’t have to design a website. We didn’t have to get the President’s permission. We’re here and you guys make me so proud to be here.”

    Fix Up DC Kids

    For more pictures and coverage of the event, activists are tweeting on the hashtag #FixUpDC.

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