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I. Who Actually Likes ObamaCare?

Note: This is part one of a three part series on ObamaCare.

President Obama recently unveiled his new media strategy of “owning” ObamaCare. He began with a Twitter campaign that urged supporters to list the benefits they plan to receive under the health care law while using the tag “#ILikeObamaCare”. Unfortunately for the president, this tag was immediately co-opted by sarcastic conservatives who used it while criticizing ObamaCare.

There is an interesting question behind the PR blunder: When you get right down to it, who honestly likes ObamaCare? 

Where is the wellspring of support for the centerpiece of President Obama’s legislative agenda? Where is the kudos? Why does the President of the United States need a Twitter campaign to garner even a shred of enthusiasm for his masterpiece on the second anniversary of ObamaCare?

Well, the numbers don’t look good.

A USA Today/Gallup poll found that: 

  • 75% of Americans believe that the individual mandate at the heart of ObamaCare is unconstitutional.
  • 74% of Americans believe that ObamaCare will either make little difference in their lives or actually make them worse.
  • 86% of Americans believe that the ObamaCare provisions already in effect have made no difference or a negative difference in their lives.

Another Gallup poll found that:

  • 87% of Republicans favor repeal of ObamaCare, with 56% strongly favoring repeal. Only 39% of Democrats strongly oppose repeal, revealing a sizable “enthusiasm gap” between supporters and opponents of repeal.
  • 24% of Americans believe that ObamaCare will make their health care situations better.
  • 20% of Americans believe that the individual mandate is constitutional.
  • 55% of Democrats and 68% of Independents believe that ObamaCare will make little difference or worsen their health care situations.
  • 56% of Democrats and 70% of Independents believe that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. 

A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that:

  • 26% of Americans want the Supreme Court to uphold the entirety of ObamaCare.
  • 70% of Independents want the Supreme Court to strike down either the individual mandate or the entirety of ObamaCare.

A poll by The New York Times and another by the Pew Research Center found that:

  • 57% of Americans believe that religiously affiliated organizations should be able to opt-out of the HHS contraception mandate, while only 36% disagree.
  • 55% of Catholic Americans believe that religiously affiliated organizations should be able to opt-out of the HHS contraception mandate, while only 39% disagree.

While there is some support for the law, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that the key individual mandate of ObamaCare is unconstitutional, including a majority of Democrats. Majorities of Americans also believe that part or all of the law should be struck down by the Supreme Court, that the law will either have a little or negative effect on their life, and that the HHS contraception mandate ought to include more thorough exemptions for religious groups. 

In other words, the polling data for President Obama’s crowning achievement is ugly.

Part II: Why Wouldn't People Like ObamaCare?

Part III: How Do We End ObamaCare?

neilmaccallister's picture
neil maccallister

Thank you for writing, Mr. Anderson. Perhaps you could detail a bit more next time "Who actually likes ObamaCare"? You present many stats here regarding the many votes against it, but who is pushing FOR the implementation of this Healthcare legislation? Crudely put, who BENEFITS from this proposed healthcare and financial structure? ..The poor people sitting in emergency waiting rooms? ..The hospitals and staffs? ..the insurance companies? ..our elected legislative representatives? ..the taxpayers? ..medical device makers and/or Pharmas? ..lawyers? Who does actually get any benefits from this program, and who will pay for those benefits???
Incidently, I notice that most polls ask, "Will ObamaCare make your HEALTHCARE situation better or worse?" This misses the larger question of "Will ObamaCare make your family's economic picture in America better or worse?" If no one has a job except for doctors, lawyers, and government heathcare administrators, how will the rest of us feed our children?

neilmaccallister's picture
neil maccallister

Thanks, Mr. Card; but before we continue the work on the technicalities, I still want to know what the problem is for which we are paying our legislators to construct a bill to resolve. What I have heard is: "We are now writing into law that as America continues to provide unlimited healthcare services to every American resident; it is now mandated that this care shall be, from this point forward, publicly thought of as 'Affordable'."

Keven Card

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Keven Card

Once it's repealed then we need a viable alternative solution. I've been a health insurance agent for 20 years, and I can tell you exactly what it'll take to drive costs down.
You must work all of the cost drivers simultaneously to have the maximum impact. The costs drivers are claims, over regulation by state governments, a shrinking doctor pool, government underpayments, legal abuse of the medical profession and uncompensated care.
I detailed a specific plan that'll save America's healthcare system, forever prevent the conversation to socialize care in America and bring the costs down including $400 Billion dollars in savings to the total federal government's expenditure for healthcare in the first year of actual implementation.
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