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Ignoring Our Rally

BY Avery McGrew
by Avery McGrew on 6/22/00.

Your June 21 edition once again showed the liberal bias of the paper. The day before, CSE (Citizens for a Sound Economy) held a Day at the Capitol. Where were you?

CSE is a grass-roots organization encouraging citizens to ask for "less - taxation, regulation and government." Nearly 300 people attended the event that brought together concerned citizens from across the state. Former U.S. Sen. Lauch Faircloth was the keynote speaker for a luncheon on the legislative building's lawn. Jim Miller, a key adviser and Cabinet member during the Reagan administration, spoke at the reception at the Museum of History, which had an attendance of over 250.

The N&O covers political events pushed by lobbyists, but when a grass-roots organization encourage taxpaying citizens to gather at the capital, no mention is made. I believe that this again shows the bias of The N&O.

Avery McGrew