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Press Release

Illinois Telecom Battle: Write Your Newspaper!


Help the Fight for Real Telecom Competition in Illinois-- here's a sample letter to the editor for you to send or use in crafting your own letter to your local newspaper or elected official. Good luck!

Dear Legislator/Editor:

In 2005, Illinois lawmakers will have the chance to completely rewrite the state telecommunications law, some parts of which are more than a decade old. That means consumers have a chance to see more choices in new products and services, but only if the legislature opens the telecom market to more competition.

We’ve seen a world of change since the last time the law was completely redrafted. Digital mobile phones with national calling plans have become commonplace and have replaced the high-priced, limited range cellular phones that were used only by a select few. Consumers are now surfing the Internet from home at speeds that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

Unfortunately, some current state regulations are geared more toward technology developed in the 1800s than today. What we need is a law for tomorrow. The law in its current form has eliminated just enough regulations to give consumers a taste of the enhanced services, technological innovations, and competitive prices a free market offers.

Illinois consumers and businesses deserve world-class telecommunications products and services. Without the innovations that a free market encourages, our state’s economy will be at a competitive disadvantage. The General Assembly must take this opportunity to eliminate the outdated regulations that stand in the way of progress.


Member, FreedomWorks