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Issue Analysis: The Fight to Make the Public University System Work for Students

Over the last few decades, the cost of higher education in the United States has grown at a rate outpacing inflation. According to Department of Education statistics, the average cost of an education at a four year university has gone up by 34 percent over the last decade.  Taxpayers are also footing the growing bill for higher education. Every year federal and state governments spend tens of billions of taxpayer dollars on direct grants and payments to individual colleges and universities.

Yet these huge increases in costs have NOT coincided with increases in educational quality.

This FreedomWorks Issue Analysis discusses the inefficiences in the American higher education system that have created this expensive nightmare and what steps states like Texas, under Governor Rick Perry, are doing to lower the burden on taxpayers and students while increasing the quality of education at state institutions.

Attached below find: FreedomWorks Issue Analysis: Texas's Higher Education Battle

Dale Howard

You mentioned how good Rick perry is doing on education reductions for students. I would like to say that Rick Perry is the worst enemy that the TEA PARTY or our Consitution has got. Check out his real record on governing TX. He is still trying his very best to get the 12 lane road with 2 railroads through TX. He forced many hundreds of young girls to get that vaccine ??? & several died & many more are living in pain & other physical problems. He attended the Bilderburg meeting in Istanbul, Turkey a few yrs. ago. I hope you know what the Bilderburg group is & what they represent You had better really check out his record before saying hi is a true TEA PARTY member.

Marcia White

If Perry is the Tea Party favorite, then I am done with the Tea Party! Please folks, really read all you can about this "wolf in sheep's clothing". He is just the "plant" that the Bilder Group want in place to continue their one world order. Check out the Hwy from Mexico to Canada! How many illegals do you think one can fit in a semi? That is how many more each day, we would see coming to this country. I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty tired of supporting their illegal butts!