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Press Release

It's Not Too Late to Reconsider Raising Taxes


There’s another plan in the Washington State legislature that would balance the budget without raising taxes. This plan would make government more efficient and encourage economic growth in the Evergreen State. Unfortunately, it looks like the liberal legislators will not reconsider raising taxes, which is why only dedicated anti-tax activists can keep Olympia from taking even more from taxpayers.


“The governor has called for higher taxes, the Senate has called for higher taxes and now the House is calling for higher taxes. Well, in this case three times isn't a charm. It's disturbing.”


“Lawmakers should have first tried to come up with a no-new-taxes budget before considering digging into taxpayers' pockets. Last week, Senate Republicans produced an outline to plug the $1.6 billion spending gap without taxes. It's worth considering.”


“At this point, it's unlikely that tax hikes will be taken off the table. But we would hope that every effort would be made to increase taxes less than has been proposed. The lower the tax burden, the better chance that Washington's economy will continue to grow.”

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