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Press Release

    Jobs Are Under Attack in Ohio


    Last month, Rep. Steve Stivers voted YES on the TRAIN Act, which protects jobs in Ohio from being destroyed by unelected and unaccountable EPA bureaucrats. Now, far-left environmental groups are distorting the facts about the TRAIN Act and attacking Rep. Stivers to advance their extreme anti-business agenda.

    HELP US DEFEND Rep. Stivers! Please call his office TODAY and thank him for keeping Ohio working with his YES vote on the TRAIN Act. The phone numbers are:

    Columbus: (614) 771-4968

    DC: (202) 225-2015

    These days, it's hard to find legislators willing to take tough stands against out-of-control agencies like the EPA, which are using their regulatory authority to write laws without consulting Congress. Elected officials who help rein them in deserve to be thanked not attacked.

    There is no question that Rep. Stivers' vote was in the best interests of Ohio and America. The TRAIN Act, which calls for a much-needed review of the economic impact of EPA regulations before they are implemented, is simply commonsense.

    Weighing the costs and benefits of new environmental regulations will save jobs in Ohio, and the environmentalists' deranged attacks on Rep. Stivers and the TRAIN Act only expose them for the anti-business zealots they really are.

    Please help us flood Rep. Stiver's office with phone calls and letters of thanks for doing the right thing to protect Ohio jobs.

    Let's show the Left that we won't be intimidated or silenced by their despicable scare tactics.