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Join the Tenth Amendment Rally in Annapolis on August 20th


The underappreciated Tenth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1791 to highlight what the original document already clearly implied:

That any powers not EXPLICITLY delegated to the federal government IN THAT DOCUMENT were retained by the states and the people.

Nevertheless, the federal government has chosen to ignore the will of the people and interpret the Constitution (including the Tenth Amendment), not as the very short list of what it may do, but as the even shorter (and extremely flexible) list of what it may NOT do. Consequently, it has determined its own power to be virtually limitless.

Well the Annapolis, MD Tea Party thinks that kind of abuse has gone on long enough. According to the Tenth Ammendment Center, folks will be "lighting up their state legislators" in Annapolis on August 20th from 6-9 pm at Campbell Park.

The purpose of this rally is to expose the facts about health care, why it is not what America needs right now, and pertain it to the Bill of Rights.  We will have speakers who will educate citizens how Bills such as health care reform are unconstitutional, and how the Tenth Amendment offers a “check” on the Federal Government by the state and its citizens.  This rally will also include live music and activities.

The rally will conclude with a walk up to the Maryland Statehouse (1/4mi) where there will be a “Flashlight Serenade” to shine a light on the Tenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights.


This rally is not Right-wing or Left-wing, it is a gathering of frustrated Maryland citizens who are fed up and are ready to make an effort to stand up for their guaranteed rights.

Join us there.