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Press Release

Join us for the Earmark Moratorium Rally with Sen. Jim DeMint!

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has reserved the Senate Swamp (the outside park next to Russell Senate building) from 11-12 on Tuesday, March 11th to hold a rally on the DeMint-McCain-McCaskill earmark moratorium  proposal. will be there to present over 100,000 signatures from a petition to support the moratorium!

We are inviting everyone that cares about wasteful government spending to join us at this rally.

We will be promoting our new personal "No Earmarks Pledge", asking Congressmen and Senators to promise not to ask for, nor support, wasteful earmarks.

Event details are on facebook.

For more information about our "No Earmark Pledge" please visit: 

Come out and represent the limited government might of FreedomWorks!


Matt Kibbe
President and CEO