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    Kansas - Urge Your Representatives to Defund Common Core

    Help protect Kansas students from Common Core and a progressive takeover of local schools. Let’s fight to keep parents, teachers, and local communities in charge of education – not Washington bureaucrats. Contact your representatives and urge them to DEFUND Common Core.

    Make calls to Kansas House and Senate members here:



    Tweet and Email your Representatives:

    Rep. John Bradford @Brad125

    Rep. Amanda Grosserode @amanda4Kansas

    Senator Steve Abrams @AbramsforKansas

    Senator Terry Bruce @Sen_Bruce

    Senator Jim Denning @JimDenning4KS

    Senator Garrett Love @Garrett_Love

    Senator Julia Lynn @SenatorLynn

    Senator Ty Masterson @TyMastersonKS

    Rep. Kyle D. Hoffman @RepKDH

    Rep. Kasha Kelley @Kasha_Kelley

    Rep. Peggy Mast @PeggyMast

    Speaker Ray Merrick @SpeakerMerrick

    Rep. Brian Weber @RepWeber

    Rep. Sue Boldra @SueBoldra

    Rep. Diana Dierks @RealtorDierks

    Rep. Shanti Gandhi @ShantiGandhi

    Rep. Dennis Hedke @DennisHedke

    Rep. Jerry Lunn @LunnforKansas

    Rep. Kelly Meigs @KellyMeigs

    Rep. Melissa Rooker @MelissaRooker

    Email your Senate leaders: 

    Steve Abrams
    Terry Bruce
    Jim Denning
    Jeff King
    Garrett Love
    Julia Lynn
    Ty Masterson
    Susan Wagle

    Email your House leaders:

    John Bradford
    David Crum
    Kyle Hoffman
    Kasha Kelley
    Peggy Mast
    Ray Merrick
    Marc Rhoades
    Gene Suellentrop
    Jene Vickrey
    Brian Weber

    Email your House Education Committee members:

    Sue Boldra
    John Bradford
    Carolyn Bridges
    Ward Cassidy
    Diana Dierks
    Willie Dove
    John Ewy
    Shanti Ghandi
    Amanda Grosserode
    Dennis Hedke
    Ron Highland
    Roderick Houston
    Kasha Kelley,
    Jerry Lunn
    Nancy Lusk
    Kelly Meigs
    Melissa Rooker
    Ed Trimmer
    Valdenia Winn

    Lee Foster

    Hi Whitney,

    My name is Lee Foster and I am married to Donna (Houston) Foster daughter of Jackie and Chuck Houston. I live in Bakersfield, CA and I am a Constitutional Conservative and I am happy to here that you are part of Freedom Works. Keep up all of the great work you are doing and lets get both parties to start to go down the right road and free this country again.

    Good Luck,