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Key Vote

Key Vote NO on the Syria War Resolution

As one of our millions of FreedomWorks members nationwide, I urge you to contact your representative and senators and urge them to vote NO on the upcoming Syrian war resolution.

While Congress debates whether to involve America in another conflict overseas, economic red lines are being crossed here at home.  Millions of Americans continue to struggle to find employment, while their basic costs of living such as health care and energy are driven up by big-government intervention in the economy. Meanwhile, the national debt approaches the size of our total economic output, at $17 trillion, and Congress will soon discuss raising our debt limit even further.  

Regardless of your foreign policy priorities, Americans can agree that while our nation is capable of summoning its superpower, it must not bankrupt itself in the process. 

Other than training dubious partners in Syria (conservatively estimated to cost $500 million) other more aggressive options would likely cost at least $1 billion per month. In Gen. Martin Dempsey's words, "limited stand-off strikes" to degrade the Assad military, would require "hundreds of aircraft, ships, submarines, and other enablers" with the costs running into the billions.

Worse, history has shown that civil wars prove particularly resistant to outside solutions. America’s costs are unlikely to stay limited, because this conflict exceeds our ability to control the situation on the ground. Once limited strikes fail to deter Assad or tip the scales in favor of a shadowy opposition, advocates for more extensive U.S. involvement will undoubtedly call for more blood and treasure. 

The American people understand the unintended consequences of a Syrian conflict better than the cloistered class here in Washington. Reports from congressional offices confirm that constituent correspondence has been unusually passionate and overwhelmingly against U.S. involvement in Syria.  Congress should listen to its constituents, reject any military operation in Syria, and move on to issues more pressing here at home – reducing the debt, fixing health care, and freeing our struggling economy.

I urge you to call your representative and Senators and ask them to vote NO on the upcoming Syria war resolution. We will count their votes as KEY VOTEs when calculating FreedomWorks’ Economic Freedom Scorecard for 2013. The Scorecard is used to determine eligibility for the FreedomFighter Award, which recognizes Members of Congress who consistently vote to support economic freedom.


Matt Kibbe

President and CEO 


ellislee's picture
ellis allison

Obama's true agenda is taking down our country. Cuts military spending, pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan too soon, another distraction with Syria, no proof Assad used chemical weapons, Rebels would benefit the most blaming Assad, If proof, who believes it is not another lie,Lies about the red line (lies are nothing new, Obama has been lying to the people since he took office), Obama Care, Taxes, national deficit, economy in shambles, won't let The U.S. become energy independent and break the dependency on foreign oil. The list goes on and on and on. I am going to start believing he is the anti-christ with all his deceit and distraction after distraction. Obama has done nothing positive for our country. He has done multitudes to weaken this country and those that don't see him for what he is are blind or do not care about this great country.

We don't need to be the world's keepers. Would this have happened if we were not broadcasting every move our military is taking and letting those who dislike this country be emboldened. Obama is arming our enemies - radical islam - while disarming us. We are Americans and need not show our strength at every event that goes on in the mid-east. We need focus on the home front and regaining our strength economically and fiscally. That is the way we show how great our nation is and not by force. Focus on America and militarily for defense of our great nation. Every uprising or civil war in the mid-east can't be a reason that is in the interest of national security as they try to make people believe. Israel will never let Iran have nuclear weapons and will do what they need to, to assure that Iran doesn't. We may then become involved as an ally backing Israel with what is needed in weaponry to defend themselves/ possible we would have to intervene militarily against Iran, the root cause of terrorism. I pray to God it doesn't happen (could be the onset of world war and Armageddon). Which I would think no one in this country desires to start. Obama is setting this country up for failure as he weakens it every day he remains in office. He does not care about our country and goes against what the people of this nation desire. Peace, jobs, strong economy, bring down the national debt, stop spending us into oblivion and become energy independent and not held hostage by oil rich nations that dislike what we stand for. It is all here and we need not depend on others. It is a much saner answer than war.

Kathleen Oshea's picture

We know we have to do something about Iran in the near future. God help us if we wait too long and they have gone nuclear. Politicians keep sending our Soldiers into proxy wars, too often getting them killed ( with shameful rules of engagement), or bringing them home disabled ( then shamefully dithering with VA claims). Obama has cut Military funding, and abused our Military by attacking their morale. Soldiers in the United States Military KNEW they would not be left behind - until Benghazi. Benghazi matters in so many ways - I was mortified with Clintons' response to Congress. So there are trust issues. We need to get our Military, our funds, and our leaders in a strong position for the mess Iran is going to cause. Iran becoming nuclear does threaten the safety of America, and the rest of the world. We will have no choice on that one. So STOP WITH THE PROXY WARS THAT ARE DEPLETING OUR RESOURCES.

Jane Wiley

So true, Kathleen, Oshea! We know just how deceitful and misleading Obama and his appointees are just by their history. Do they really think that anyone would, or could believe their lies and propaganda any more? Consider Benghazi, Fast and Furious and numerous other unjustified actions committed by the Obama regime, and their refusal to release information or answer any questions truthfully. If any of our Congressmen or women actually believe his spiel regarding Syria and his sudden 'convenient compassion' for the victims of war, then they have no morals at all and should be removed from office! We also know his modus operandi of creating a 'crisis' in order to distract attention from the real problems we have, like the problems with the launching of "Obamacare" and the severe economical crisis that he and his ideology have created and sustained. This insanity must end or we may be jump-starting WWIII...God forbid.