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Capitol Comment

King Nolan Has a Fit

(Update at bottom)

FreedomWorks for America volunteers distributed yard signs endorsing Ted Cruz for Texas Senate on public property around Rangers Ballbark July 27. Many of the signs didn't stay up long, however, as Rangers employees took them down and destroyed them. They said they were ordered by Nolan Ryan to remove the signs.

Ted Cruz for US Senate signs line the public right of way near Rangers Ballpark

Ted Cruz for Senate sign at the corner of Nolan Ryan Expy and Legends Way

Since the signs were on public property, the volunteers had every right to express their political opinion by putting the signs there, in view of the public. Nolan Ryan, though a great baseball player and a fine American, had no right to order the signs removed, if he in fact did.

Ryan has endorsed Cruz' opponent David Dewhurst in the race. Dewhurst has flooded Texas TV with dishonest ads, and doesn't want any positive publicity for the Tea Party candidate.

"Nolan Ryan stuck his head out the window and said to get the signs off of his property," said one security man.  

Fortunately, not all the signs were removed.

Some signs remain


According to the Texas Department of Transportation, signs are in fact outlawed on public rights of way.

Apart from the speed limit, this may be the most ignored law on the books.

End of Update

Here are patriots Dennis and Renae Hafnbreadl of Wausau, Wisconsin, on their way to a Texas Rangers game, expressing their support for Ted Cruz.

Dennis and Renae Hafnbreadl of Wausau, WI support Ted Cruz