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Press Release

Let McGreevey Know Where You Stand on Taxes!

As Governor McGreevey breaks his campaign promises and seeks to fix the state’s budget shortfall by increasing taxes, it is important that he knows that the people of New Jersey do not support his actions. CSE invites you to join us on Thursday, June 20, 2002 at 1 PM on the steps of the Trenton capitol building to rally against the governor’s tax increases, especially his quiet attempt to increase the cigarette tax by an astounding 50 cents per pack.

Please contact Derek Lyons toll-free at 1-888-JOIN-CSE (1-888-564-6273), if you would like to participate in this event or if you have any questions. Let the politicians in Trenton know that their constituents will not support big government tax and spend policies and that politicians will be held accountable for their promises.