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Liberal Spin Group Promotes "Non-Political" Stewart/Colbert Rallies

Media Matters

Media Matters, the liberal spin group which recently received $1 million dollars from George Soros, is now jumping on the band wagon of the upcoming Stewart/Colbert rallies in Washington D.C. to bring more members to their organization.

The supposedly non-political "Rally to Restore Sanity" and the "Rally to Keep the Fear Alive" are being hosted on Saturday by Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert respectively. Under the guise of satire, these comedians will be promoting Media Matters, mocking the Tea Party movement and showing their unwavering support for the Obama agenda. Stewart, however, still claims his rally will not be political in this latest interview on Larry King Live:

KING: Is it a political rally?

STEWART: No. It is in fact not a political rally.


KING: Anti-Glenn Beck rally?

STEWART: It is not the Anti-Glenn Beck rally. It’s a very similar—what we are doing is we are using the rally format to do the same thing we do with our shows. The message will be a very similar-type idea.

So it's a response to Glenn Beck. But it's not. It's being promoted by Media Matters but it's definitely not political.

I find it hysterical when the Left warns of the Tea Party movement supposedly being funded by the mega-wealthy, when they deride FreedomWorks for its relationship with FOX News host Glenn Beck, and when they even attack Beck's Restoring Honor rally as being "orchestrated" by various Tea Party organizations.

But as this Media Matters ad confirms, these attacks are literally all of the things that the Left does on a regular basis. Like Obama's attack on the "foreign money" infiltrating the Chamber of Commerce, claims by the Left are always rife with hypocrisy.

As FreedomWorks' President and CEO Matt Kibbe points out in a recent RedState post about the progressive, union-populated OneNation rally, this is just par for the course when dealing with the Astroturfers of the Left.