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Live from SRLC: Day one.

There were some very heartening moments for fiscal conservatives at today's SRLC. The theme across the board was out of control spending and how to reign it in. Every speaker brought up the incredible cost of the health care legislation that has been passed, and took the turn to bang the drum against coming tax hikes in the form of Cap and Trade and other economy killing policies.

The one banging the drum the loudest on energy policy was Sarah Palin

She focused on cap and trade and offshore drilling, and pulled the focus from the weird speech by Tony Perkins back around to things that we need to be paying attention to. The energy policy ideas floating around from the Left are dangerous and could be catastrophic to the economy.

The goal of cap and trade is ultimately to make energy more expensive. It's basic economics - if they raise the cost of energy, people will use less. The shortsightedness of this approach is laughable. As Palin mentioned today, they are ignoring the effect that this will have on America's competitiveness with the rest of the world.

It's heartening to see the focus shift to the center of America's politics - the fiscal conservative. I hope to see more of this in tomorrow's speakers as well.