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Local Issue: South Carolinians Fight Tax Increase


With midterm elections less than 100 days away, many divisive national issues are ubiquitous in the news. Lest we forget, many issues arise in local politics that deserve attention and action. With this in mind, we want to commend a group in Richland County, South Carolina, Citizens Against the Tax Increase, for fighting against a transportation sales tax increase.

The Citizens Against the Tax Increase realize that the people of their county cannot afford an increased tax burden. During this recession, citizens need fewer and lower taxes to prosper. The tax increase would make Richland County’s sales tax eight cents, one of the highest rates in the state. Perhaps the local government could allocate the seven cent tax more effectively, but raising the rate could potentially harm the county’s economy.

The government must learn to live within their means as individuals do. Proponents of this increase claim the tax is necessary to fund road improvements, but some citizens are wary that these funds could be misused or wasted.

The Citizens Against the Tax Increase are local grassroots volunteers doing their part to educate and persuade their fellow citizens. If this particular issue affects you, contact to get involved.

We encourage all of our members to engage in local constructive endeavors that encourage fiscal austerity.