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Press Release

Macon County Chapter Holds Meeting


FRANKLIN, NORTH CAROLINA.  On August 11th, 30 FreedomWorks activists attended an important chapter meeting.  The Macon County Chapter enjoyed guest speaker Lindalyn Kakadelis, Director of North Carolina Education Alliance.  Ms. Kakadelis is a strong and knowlegable speaker, and made clear to her listeners the cause of the problems in North Carolina Schools and the need for school choice to fix the problem. Competition in education would go along way to solve the problem.  With a $42 million school construction bond referendum in our future, her remarks were timely and helpful.

 Other items discussed were the state budget with its tax increases and the upcoming vote on in Washington on HR 2776.  The activists were ask to contact Congressman Shuler  and oppose the bill.  

Macon County Chapter Holds Meeting

Crowd Shot

Macon County Chapter Holds Meeting

Activist Bob Lavery conducting meeting

Macon County Chapter Holds Meeting

Lindalyn speaking to group