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Massachusetts Tea Party activists use FreedomWorks side-by-side for voter education

With the fate of healthcare reform, cap and trade, and other aspects of the Democrats agenda depending on the outcome of the January 19th Massachusetts special election, FreedomWorks has created a side-by-side handout that shows where Candidates Scott Brown and Martha Coakley stand on such economic issues.

In an effort to educate state voters, the Worcester Tea Party (WTP) has made the handout available to its members.  In addition to posting it on their website, WTP members have emailed, printed and distributed the side-by-side to residents across Massachusetts.

The Worcester Tea Party's mission statement reads:

The Worcester Tea Party is a response to the usurpation and subversion of personal freedoms and free market capitalism by the federal government.

Tea Party participants support:

  • The return to our founding Constitutional principles of personal  responsibility, integrity, honesty, liberty and economic freedom
  • The re-assertion of our sovereignty as free men and women
  • The re-establishment of local control through the strengthening of the rights of individual states
  • The holding accountable of our government through citizen activism

And to accomplish these objectives through educating, recruiting, organizing and mobilizing the citizens of the Commonwealth.

A PDF version of the side-by-side can be seen by clicking here.