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Mayor Bloomberg Doesn't Like ObamaCare?

The video in which Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City talks about how ObamaCare will actually likely increase the costs of health insurance and further bureaucratize the medical profession does not reveal anything that anyone in the Tea Party did not already know. Mayor Bloomberg's words were not important for the problems he pinpointed in the healthcare reform bill or the solutions he recommended.

Rather, this was one of the cases in which the messenger was more important than the message. Up until Monday, the most famous (and now infamous) comment that Mayor Bloomberg had offered related to the healthcare bill was when he suggested that the Times Square bomber might be "someone who didn't like the healthcare bill or somethin'."

Michael Bloomberg might not be the best judge of economic policy. We have disagreed with his positions before. But Bloomberg's criticism of ObamaCare is, nonetheless, proof that concern about hte healthcare law is well within the national mainstream. Many Republicans, Democrats and independents--Mayor Bloomberg has been all three--exist "who didn't like the healthcare bill" or something.