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    Melt Their Mentions - The Senate Must Act to Defund ObamaCare

    The battle to defund ObamaCare is now in the Senate, and right now, Senator Ted Cruz is on the Senate floor imploring DC to listen.  

    Keep Cruzing We're hearing that the phone lines on Capitol Hill are jammed and that activists are flooding the voicemail boxes of key Senators.  Great job, but we need to you to keep up the pressure! If they can't hear us over the phone, we need to make them hear us through social media.  

    You can try to keep calling, using our easy to connect system and tell Senators NO cloture, NO funding of ObamaCare.

    Also, below is a list of the twitter handles of key Republican Senators who need to hear from you now.  

    Share this list and tweet these Senators.  Tell them that you support Senator Ted Cruz and that you want to #MakeDCListen and protect Americans from ObamaCare. #KeepCruzing Ted, we're behind you! 

    Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell - @McConnellPress 

    Senator Lamar Alexander - @SenAlexander

    Senator Kelly Ayotte - @KellyAyotte

     Senator Richard Burr - @SenatorBurr

    Senator Thad Cochran - @SenThadCochran

    Senator Bob Corker - @SenBobCorker

    Senator John Cornyn - @JohnCornyn and @TeamCornyn

    Senator Lindsey Graham - @GrahamBlog

    Senator Mark Kirk - @SenatorKirk

    Senator John McCain - @SenJohnMcCain 

    Senator Rob Portman -  @RobPortman 

    Senator John Borrasso - @SenJohnBorrasso 

    Thanks in advance for your action on this.  If they won't take our calls, we need to melt their mentions!  #KeepCruzing Senator Cruz! 

    Michael Brown

    Where's Mitch McConnell? He need it too.

    Sherri Dodsworth

    Tweeted them all and some key Dems as well, i.e. majority leadesrhip. Can't hurt.

    Michael Brown

    Doesn't seem to have a personal one; these will do: @McConnellPress and @Team_Mitch