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Press Release

Michigan Adopts Statewide Franchise Rules

Michigan Freedomworks embraced franchise reform as a component of its 2006 Michigan Freedom Agenda. While lobbyists focused on Lansing, FreedomWorks Director Randall Thompson traveled the state to educate consumers on the pro-competitive effects of reform. Thompson led scores of meetings and briefings with citizens, civic organizations and lawmakers including testimony to a panel of the House.

FreedomWorks Michigan Director Randall Thompson observed:
“Citizens across the state will benefit from the implementation of new franchise rules. I commend legislative leaders and Governor Granholm for their action to spur more investment and new choices in the video marketplace. Under Governor Granholm, Michiganders have been hard-pressed for good economic news but by signing franchise reform she has lightened the regulatory burden on a vital engine of growth and created the opportunity for increased consumer choice.”

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe added:
“To the very end, liberal special interests held out for additional regulatory mandates misleadingly labeled “neutral.” On behalf of more than 12,000 citizen activists in Michigan, I applaud the franchise reforms adopted this week while warning against new efforts in the 94th Legislature to deny basic property rights under the banner of “net neutrality.” We are prepared to defend consumer interests and property rights through relentless grassroots education and advocacy.”

Thompson concluded, “The issue of franchise reform is evidence that the Freedom Movement is deeply rooted in Michigan. Regular citizens made their voices heard, leading free market think tanks and scholars weighed in on the issue and as a result, public officials adopted good policy.”

FreedomWorks is a grassroots organization with nearly 850,000 members nationwide – and more than 12,000 Michiganders – dedicated to lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.