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Press Release

Michigan FreedomWorks "Tax Cuts Are Cool" Lobby Effort


Michigan FreedomWorks spearheaded a "Tax Cuts Are Cool" day in the Michigan Legislature on Wednesday, December 14, 2005. Over 30 State Legislators, did the people's work at the Capitol - worked in committee hearings and gathered on the House Floor wearing their "Tax Cuts Are Cool" lapel stickers produced by FreedomWorks. Overall, over 150 stickers were seen in and around the Capitol during the day worn by legislators, staff, grassroots activists and general supporters of tax reform.

The lapel stickers were meant to generate support and initiate debate during the final session days of voting for comprehensive tax reform in the Michigan Legislature. In the end, FreedomWorks and the Michigan Legislature did its job by passing legislation that would have provided the business community in Michigan, most notably the struggling manufacturing sector, meaningful and immediate tax reform.

Unfortunately, the measure was ultimately vetoed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm in late December due to a technicality in the drafting language. Michigan FreedomWorks will continue to advocate for comprehensive, meaningful and immediate tax reform for businesses and taxpayers in Michigan in 2006.

Members of the Center Right Coalition prepare for session on Tax Cuts Are Cool Day at the Michigan Legislature.

Aric Nesbitt from Americans for Tax Reform, Ken Braun (Legislative Chief of Staff) and Rep. Leon Drolet (Chair of House Government Operations) on Tax Cuts Are Cool Day.

Michigan State Representatives Jack Hoogendyk (Vice-Chairman of House Government Operations ), David Robertson (Chairman of House Banking and Financial Services) and Robert Gosselin (Chairman of House Employment Relations, Training & Safety) join members of Michigan's Center Right Coalition for a quick photo.

State Representatives David Robertson and Rick Schaeffer discuss the upcoming tax proposals on Tax Cuts Are Cool Day at the Michigan Legislature.