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Press Release

    Minnesota Freedom Agenda Update



    Presidential candidates have been campaigning the Minnesota to prepare for the upcoming primary. Vice President Dick Cheney held a donor’s luncheon on Monday February 23rd, where he pointed out that the President’s economic policies have spurred economic growth. He argued that it is important for our government to “let people keep more of what they earn” by making the Bush tax cuts permanent. (AP 2/24/04)

    The Democratic presidential candidates also came to the state in their effort to get the nomination. On February 25th, Kerry spoke at Malcaster College in St. Paul. He came out against the President’s tax cuts and blamed him for high unemployment numbers. (U-Wire, 2/26/04) Kucinich visited the University of Minnesota on Saturday the 22nd, calling for a radical agenda of universal health care and withdrawal from the North American Free Trade Agreement. (U-Wire, 2/23/04) Edwards made a stop at Carpenter’s Union Hall in St. Paul, where he opposed the outsourcing of jobs to other nations. (U-Wire, 2/23/04)

    Lawsuit Abuse

    Minnesota made a step towards malpractice reform on Monday, February 16th, when State Representative Fran Bradley’s bill passed out of its first House Committee. The proposal would cap non-economic awards in malpractice suits to $250,000 in an effort to slow the growing costs of health care. The State Commerce Committee will review the bill next. (AP 2/16/04)

    School Choice

    The Star-Tribune reported on school choice options for low-income families in Minneapolis. The program, called “The Choice is Yours,” was part of a settlement for a lawsuit filed by the NAACP. Parents in the city have the option to send their children to magnet schools or to better performing suburban schools. (Star Tribune, 2/22/04)