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Mr. Tester Went to Washington

Campaigned on ”Balanced Budgets," Votes for Bigger Government and More Debt

Back in 2006, Jon Tester, an average American farmer from the state of Montana, ran his campaign for Senate with the promise of fighting for a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility. It is now 2011 and with a MAJOR debt crisis on our hands, Mr. Tester’s words appear to have been empty.

Senator Tester has supported numerous bills that support fiscal IRRESPONSIBILITY and moved us in the opposite direction of a balanced budget. These include:

• Voted to raise the national debt ceiling which would allow the government to FURTHER increase its spending. He was quoted saying, "We have to address the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling has to be raised."
• Voted yes for Obamacare. He stated, “I stand by my vote for health insurance reform because it was the right thing to do for Montana families, small businesses, family farms and ranches, seniors and veterans.” Actually, Obamacare will increase taxes across the country, hurting business and economic activity. Businesses will be forced to cut back which will inevitably RAISE unemployment.
• Voted yes on increased spending for failed stimulus programs such as Cash For Clunkers
• Voted no on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.
• Voted yes on Dodd-Frank, a law that places an incredible amount of regulation on financial institutions. Banks will be forced to make up for this in charges elsewhere such as credit and debit card transactions, making it more expensive for consumers.

From the looks of it, when Mr. Tester said “fiscal responsibility,” what he meant was more spending and job-killing regulation.