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    Murkowski Resolution Update


    It looks like the long-awaited Murkowski Resolution of Disapproval will be up for vote shortly.  Many readers have taken action to urge their Senators to cosponsor the bill (if you haven't, do so here) and these efforts have helped bring the bipartisan support up to 41 cosponsors. 

    The Murkowski Resolution is an important measure to stop a backdoor cap and trade plan from being implemented by the EPA.  The EPA would love nothing more than to have free-reign in regulating CO2.  That means a host of new regulations heaping new costs on energy and the price of doing business in the United States.  Worst of all, this would all be done by un-elected bureacrats who are not accountable to taxpayers and would have little to restrain their decisions.

    The Murkowski Resolution would stop the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, saving jobs and money during these tough economic times.

    Here is a list of Senators who need to hear from you today - please call and urge them to vote "Yes" on the Murkowski Resolution.  You can find a list of talking points here.

    Senator Webb (D-VA): 804-771-2221

    Senator Brown (R-MA): 617-565-3170

    Senator Bayh (D-IN): 317-554-0750

    Senator Casey (D-PA): 717-231-7540

    Senator Specter (D-PA): 717-782-3951

    Senator Conrad (D-ND): 701-258-4648

    Senator Dorgan (D-ND): 701-250-4618

    Senator Tester (D-MT): (406) 252-0550

    Senator Baucus (D-MT): 406-657-6790

    Senator Pryor (D-AR): 501-324-6336

    Senator Brown (D-OH): 614-469-2083

    Senator Johnson (D-SD): 605-332-8896

    Senator Rockefeller (D-WV): 304-347-5372

    Senator Byrd (D-WV): 304-342-5855

    Senator McCaskill (D-MO): 314-367-1364

    Senator Bennet (D-CO): 303-455-7600

    Senator Begich (D-AK): 907-271-5915

    Senator Collins (R-ME): 207-784-6969

    Senator Snowe (R-ME): 207-786-2451

    Additional information about some myths surrounding this important resolution can be found here.  And FreedomWorks has also posted commentary about the Murkowski Resolution here.