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The National Debt in Super Bowl Terms

With the Super Bowl just under a week away, the teams are set to meet in what should be an epic battle.  The Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers have fought their way through countless obstacles to emerge the victors of their respective conferences.  As each team arrives in Dallas, the site of Super Bowl 45, the teams are focused on the hoopla that surrounds the week prior to the Super Bowl.  Media appearances, two-a-day practices, and countless film sessions surround these fearless athletes.  To say the least, these guys are overly distracted.

The fans on the other hand are gearing up for what should be an exciting week of football, food and friends.  A national holiday of sorts, the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in America each year.  As we prepare for the big day our focus shifts from the daily grind to dreams of touchdowns and half-time shows.  Parties are planned, the food purchased, football is King!

My experience, like most Americans was no different, that is until I stumbled across what may be the most depressing sports related statistic I have ever laid eyes on:  A chart entitled, "How Super is Our Debt."  Now at first I was skeptical, I mean what does football have to do with our 14 Trillion dollar debt?  See for yourself. 

So upon further review, I say enjoy the Super Bowl, but throw a flag for unrestricted government spending.