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Press Release

NC Call to Action: State Legislature Must Call for OLF Special Session


Unless the North Carolina legislature acts immediately, the U.S. Navy will begin to seize private property in Beaufort and Washington counties to build an outlying landing field (OLF).

Under the current plan, the Navy will acquire 32,000 acres of prime farmland owned by families whom have farmed their fields for generations. Many citizens, the majority of whom are seniors, will lose their generational homes.

Send an Email to Your State Senator and Rep.

The government already controls enough land-- North Carolina needs to tell the federal government to stop. That can only happen if 3/5 of the state Senate and House request an emergency special session. If we wait until the legislature normally convenes in May, it will be too late. Help protect these property owners and take action now!

View Photos of the CSE OLF Rally

If you would like to help this effort, please call the CSE Hotline Toll Free at 1-888-564-6273 to be connected with your elected officials. You can also call the legislature directly at 919-733-4111.

Thanks for taking action to protect North Carolina private property rights!